SCVS Summer School Information

March 28, 2021

SCVS Summer School Registration is now open!

SCVS Summer School is open for registration! Our summer session starts June 1 and runs until July 31. Students can start any course now or into the summer session. Courses are available 24/7 so students can work anytime and anywhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions... 

Q: Where are the summer courses? 

A: They are the same courses that we offer during the year. Click on the green button on our home page to see what we are offering. Unless there is a specific date, we are offering that course this summer! These course are offered to only current SCPS students. 

Q: Are they a condensed version? 

A: No. It's the full, actual course that you would take during the year just faster! 

Q: Do you have elementary courses? 

A: Yes, we are offering a limited amount of courses this summer for our elementary students in grades K-5 in Language Arts and Math. Students can either review the last nine weeks of the current grade level OR preview the first nine weeks of the next grade level. This is only for curent SCPS students in grades K-5. This is not offered for incoming Grade K students. CLICK HERE for the Elementary Preview/Review sign up. 

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